Dragons Crown review

Dragons Crown is the latest magical adventure from Vanillaware. And while the game looks pretty, the lackluster gameplay and overall lack of interesting things to do in the game makes Dragons Crown feel like a low budget beat ‘em up.

The story of Dragons Crown is predictable fantasy fair. The main character is a hero from another land that is tasked with saving the world from an all powerful evil. Yawn. The story is stale and the characters are as boring as bricks. The game tries to make the characters relatable by giving them long winded back stories, but it’s so boring and overdone by the genre that it feels almost like a parody of itself. Nothing about the games story or characters stand out.

But maybe that was the point. Who cares about the story, this game is about killing monsters and getting your hands on that sweet loot.

Dragons Crown is a basic beat ‘em up through and through. There is a jump button, a normal attack button, and a special attack button. Defending and dashing are all done by holding down the attack button. That’s it. It’s simple and easy to get a grip on. Within moments, players of all skill level will have mastered the controls and will be running around killing all that stand in their way. That’s all fine and dandy, for a bit. The whole ‘spam square to kill’ idea runs throughout the whole game. Nothing ever comes up to change up the formula that much. ‘Oh look, now your spamming square while avoiding fire, how new!’ No. The game gets boring way too fast. And while it tries its best to introduce new gameplay mechanics, such as the runes, but they are all basic upgrades that mean your square spamming does more damage.

The biggest thing that’s given Dragons Crown all the attention is been given, is the art style. Dragons Crown features Vanillaware’s trademark art style of looking like a painting in motion, and it looks gorgeous. Provided you look past the rampant sexual imagery. Like many a game, Dragons Crown falls victim to the over sexualizing of its characters. Men have 8 packs that look like cheese graters, and women have breasts so big that they should be suffering from severe back pain. The worse thing about these characters is that they are the forefront of the design. Every shop, every chat window and every event has these characters right in front of the camera. Females bouncing boobs take up 1/3 of the screen at times. Looking beyond the characters and to the level design, the levels are very pretty. While there are only a handful of levels, all of them have their own unique style and life to them. Making your journey through them an absolute joy.

Dragons Crown is easy. Really easy. The game doesn’t allow online multiplayer until four hours in. So to help with being alone, the game lets players recruit party members. These allies are so strong that they make the game a walk in the park. There were times where a mage killed a boss only ten seconds after it had appeared. Granted, harder modes are unlocked once the game is beaten, but even then more powerful allies are unlocked. We suggest playing solo to get the most challenge out of the game.

Dragons Crown is a bit of a mess. It clearly wants to be so much more than it is. And because of that, it falls flat on its face. The game is a lackluster beat ‘em up with a boring story and repetitive design. The ‘easy to learn’ button mashing gameplay makes the game fun for a while, but that fun runs out quickly.

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