Stick it to the Man review

Stick it to the man is a hilarious, whacky, and enjoyable experience that hearkens back to point and click games of old, but with less puzzles and more platforming. With its crazy cast of characters and interesting story, Stick it to the man is good fun.

Stick it to the man follows Ray. One day Ray gets hit on the head, and now he sees a giant purple hand sticking out of his head that only he can see. What makes things even weirder is that he can now read people’s minds, picture what they’re thinking about, steal that picture, and use it to help out someone in need. It’s a crazy concept that works really well. Every character Ray meets has something strange going on inside their head, some think about destroying property, others think about teeth, and one guy is really passionate about Silver Surfer for the NES. The whole story is filled with these lively characters, and makes Ray’s mind reading adventure the reason you will want to press onward.

It’s good that these characters are so interesting. Because the gameplay itself isn’t. At first, Ray is all about jumping, climbing, and using his magic hand to sling himself around levels. But as the game goes on it introduces new mechanics that just don’t seem to really fit. The idea of running away and outsmarting guards gets boring really fast. These segments seem to just slow down the game and feel like they’re just there for the player to do something in between all of the hilarious character driven moments.

Luckily, Stick it to the man is funny. Really funny. Funny to people who enjoyed the old Lucasarts games and psychonaughts. The whole game has a psychonughts feel to it, the character design and sharp humor echo back to the janitor and his crazy one liners. For fans of the genre, the comedy is brilliant. The game is definitely strange, so it’s suggested that your brain should be turned off.

The art style is rather peculiar, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The whole world is made out of cardboard and paper. Ray himself is just a cutout, and when he dies, another version of him is simply printed out of a Polaroid camera checkpoint. The only negative thing about this style is that it isn’t implemented into the gameplay enough, it would have been great to be able to flatten cardboard, or tear pieces of paper. But what’s there is a treat to see, there are even some nods to old games hidden away in the art.

The music sounds like a mix between Psychonughts and The Neverhood. Meaning it’s some of the finest jazzy music out there. The tunes are incredibly uplifting and well paced, no song feels out of place and they all mix together to create a highly enjoyable soundtrack.

Stick it to the man is weird. And that’s a good thing. There are too many grey shooters out there these days, and not enough bonkers story telling adventures that aren’t afraid to take risks. While the comedy isn’t for everyone (And the game’s sense of humor is its selling point) it’s still an enjoyable time for any platforming or point and click fan.

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