Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Review

When a new fighting game is made by Capcom, people lose their minds. But when a new fighting game is made by Dimps, no one seems to notice. It’s a shame, as Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is an incredibly enjoyable and well made anime fighting game that should be played by all anime fans alike.

Saint Seiya: BS follows the main arcs of the anime and manga series by the same name. The story follows Athena’s chosen warriors as they fight against evil gods and devils. The story to Saint Seiya was never its strong point, but it’s interesting to see how anime such as this helped make battles in shonen anime become successful.

Dimps became successful is assisting in the creations of both Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken, so it comes to no surprise to hear that the battle system in Saint Seiya is brilliantly executed and very well balanced. There are two standard attack buttons, punch and kick. Then there are super moves used with the circle button that use famous cosmos big bang attack from the show. Holding down the L2 button will charge the super meter, and pressing any face button alone with L2 will unleash a powerful attack. Every match feels tense and fast paced, as if watching the shows battles play out in real time. The games system isn’t the deepest out there, but it works incredibly well and knows how to provide fan service to its audience.

The game has a massive amount of content, but it’s not all unique. The story mode plays out massive arcs from the show, but every cutscene is just static images of characters talking, and then occasionally showing screenshots from the anime. While the Japanese voice over helps with adding emotion to the characters, it doesn’t help the repetitive story mode. The story has chapters that involve battling other characters, and most of these chapters involve fighting them multiple times. Nothing about the fight changes, sometimes a sign saying “10% attack increase” but the enemies are still just as weak. It’s padding to an otherwise well paced story.

Sadly playing through the story mode is almost required in order to unlock all of the characters. The game gives the player six at the start, and all other characters are unlocked via the story, meaning that players will have to trudge through repetitive battles to get the character they like. The game also has tournament modes and challenges for players to do, but a lot of them feel like they were added in late in the games development in order to have more content.

The game looks ridiculously good. It’s surprising to see a game based on such an old anime have such high production values, but it really shows how great the character designs and artwork for the show really is. Fights are fluid and never slow down, and little details such as the tattoo on Shiryū’s back just show how much love was put into the game.

Games created based on anime and manga aren’t trying to be the next big thing, they are a love letter to supportive fans that care about the show greatly. Games like this allow fans to live out their greatest battles again and again, and even create stories of their own using characters they love. Saint Seiya is brilliant at that, letting the player fight on a multitude of stages with a mind blowing amount of characters to choose from. It’s clear that the fans were really accounted for during the creation of this game, and it’s clear to see that a lot of love was put into the game by the creators. If you like anime, and if you like fast paced fighting games, Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is seriously worth playing.

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