Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut Impressions

Deadly Premonition is the twin peaks of gaming. It’s a B-movie for gamers. It’s a fantastically strange adventure that people are going to either love to bits, or hate with a burning passion.

Deadly Premonition has a premise so strange, that trying to describe what exactly is going on could take donkeys years, so here’s a nice simple version. The story of DP (I assume the developers were aware of that joke) follows York, a detective with a cocky attitude who gets sent to a quaint little village called Greenvale to investigate the murder of a woman. Oh, and York has an imaginary friend called Zach who he talks to as he fights hordes of demons. That’s the simple version; going into any more detail would spoil the confusion that is DP. Just think, if twin peaks mashed with resident evil sounds like your thing, you’re going to enjoy Deadly Premonition.

Deadly Premonitions gameplay sucks. It really sucks. But that seems like the point of the game. It’s self aware to a point it’s hilarious. The game plays like a stripped down version of Resident Evil, with aim controls more aggravating than any other game. What makes it worse is that York runs like he’s on roller skates, and his hand movements of being a majestic swan make everything even more lighthearted. The game can sometimes feel hard, but that really comes down to if the player can match the games weirdness and go with the flow.

The town of Greenvale is open to exploration is York’s fancy car (that can be customized in this version) and areas can be visited to get to know more about the strange town and its whacky cast of characters. What makes it even better is that some characters outfits can be changed in the options (including York’s). It’s hard to take anything seriously when a Hawaiian shirt wearing York is face to face with Emily in a cat suit. The game takes hilarious stupidity to a new level, and it’s arguably great.

It’s incredibly hard to talk about the good and bad things about Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut, as it’s impossible to know what is bad for not being done right, and what’s been made to look bad on purpose. The game is a laugh, if needs be just grab a few mates and have a nice time playing through this strange game. It’s not something you’re going to praise for being a revolution in gaming, but it’s definitely something worth experiencing at least once.

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