Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers DLC Impressions

After finishing Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers and writing up the review (you can find the review here), I became intrigued by the series. I’m a huge anime fan and I had never properly sat down and watched the show. I decided to change that and began to marathon the original series and its new incarnation Saint Seiya Omega. I instantly fell in love with the series, the over the top shonen action just hit me in just the right place, and I was hooked.

So when I heard that DLC costumes for characters were coming out, I was pumped, more costumes mean more awesome battles. So when I finally sat down to try the DLC, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling from ear to ear.

The first bunch of costumes where the original outfits the heroes wear in the show prior to obtaining their amour and also when they aren’t in battle. Having the characters be able to fight without their cloths makes it amusing to see someone like Ikki be able to beat Hades to a pulps without his cloth on. It’s just highly entertaining.

The OCE costumes at first just look like nice magical versions of the main characters amour, with Seiya being in blue with red hair and Shiryū wearing a bright green cloth. Nice little costumes that just show off what the original collector’s editions of the game gave away as DLC. But then I noticed something. Call me crazy in the comments, but the OCE cloths look just like the cloths used by the characters in Saint Seiya Omega! Looking at Ikki’s orange suit with white mid sections just cried out Lionet’s cloth. This let me live out battles with the “characters” from omega, as it’s highly unlikely that an Omega game will ever make its way over here.

And the final DLC wasn’t a costume at all, but a whole new character. Obsidian armour Seiya. Seiya now wields Odin’s sword and performs some rather amazing moves that chain combos together like its nothing. I had one of the most intense and enthralling sword fights with my friend playing as Hades as we duelled it out with sword in hand, darting between blades was such an amazing experience that shows off what great moments the game has to offer.

So there you have it. Fighting game DLC that adds to the greatness that is Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers. If you like these more personal side note sections let me know in the comments below and this may become a new segment for the site.

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