Steamworld Dig Review

Way back in the day, there was an Xbox 360 indie title called Miner Dig Deep, it was a nice relaxing game all about sitting back and working away at a mine. Steamworld Dig is just like Miner Dig Deep, except it has robots, monsters, puzzles, and rocket punches. Oh yes, it has sweet, sweet rocket punches.

Steamworld Dig takes the idea of mining down into the unknown and brings it to a whole new level. The game starts with the main character, Rusty, as he digs deeper and deeper into his recently inherited mine in hopes of getting some delicious booty, and everything plays out like you expect it would. But then you find a massive hole in the mine, and things take a turn…they get even cooler! Rusty finds that the mine is connected to a bunch of other mines, like an evil sewer and an evil robot lair. The amount of surprises around every corner and wanders that could be discovered make you say “oh just five more minutes” far too often.

Steamworld Dig is about three things; Dig for loot, spend loot on upgrades, and make it to the centre of the earth! (Well they were our goals anyway) Digging for loot /minerals is easy as pie, just whack your pickaxe over it until it crumbles to pieces and the glowey stones sparkle in front of your eyes, then you put them in your ridiculously small bag and head back to the surface to sell it all. Finding and selling minerals unlocks upgrades for Rusty such as a stronger pickaxe, a bigger bag and a better lantern. The better equipment, the easier it is to explore the mine and collect more minerals to sell off, thus more cash. You can rinse and repeat this lifestyle until the cows come home, but sooner or later the mines going to run out of minerals and you’re going to have to venture into the darker and scarier places that lurk below in order to rake in more of that cash. Luckily the game places teleporters at the entrance and half way point of most areas, meaning that popping back into town to by some nuts and bolts takes no time at all, letting you jump right back into the digging action.

If this doesn’t sound like fun to you, then you may as well look elsewhere, as Steamworld Dig is an all intensive hardcore digging bonanza! There is nothing else to do but dig to your heart’s content. There are some puzzle areas and bad guys to hack away at, but all of them reward Rusty with new ways to dig around or climb back up from all of the holes made from digging around. So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, digging plays a rather large role in this game.

This game was originally a 3DS game. No really! Looking at it now you would assume it was an Xbox 360 arcade title that got the upscale treatment, but no! Considering its humble beginnings on a portable system, Steamworld Dig looks rather amazing. Textures are nice and crisp and the environments are well detailed on multiple levels, such as there being Half Life 3 posters in the background in the deepest mine. If you were worried that this would be a shoddy looking port, you can stop stressing, as Steamworld Dig is one tasty game.

Steamworld Dig is a jolly good time. The game is essentially dig for stuff that makes digging for stuff easier, but if that sounds like fun to you then prepare for a spicy adventure full of robots, hermits and a whole lot of mining. Can you dig it?

This review was originally posted on Gaming Capacity


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