Dungeon of the Endless Review

Rouge-likes are all the rage these days, with more and more being released every week it’s becoming harder to find the ones that do something different and take risks. Enter Dungeon of the Endless, an up and coming randomly generated dungeon crawler that makes opening every door a battle of life and death, and it’s rather cracking.https://i1.wp.com/images.eurogamer.net/2013/usgamer/DungeonoftheEndless2.jpg

Dungeon of the Endless (or DotE as I’m going to call it) starts with two heroes’ spacecraft crash landing underground on a strange planet, they then need to venture deeper into the dungeon to discover what’s going on and how they can find safety. Don’t worry about the story, the game isn’t about story, it’s a rouge-like that wants to give tight gameplay and a whole lot of trial and error.

The game is in real time, however the player can pause time with the space bar at any point, the player can send the heroes to different rooms in the dungeon, and by opening the door to a room for the first time, will be given rewards in either food or technology along with an amount of “Dust”.


Dust is the games currency for buying items and also looking after the spacecraft’s core, the heroes need to protect and carry the core from floor to floor, as the core is what gives the floor power. Power is crucial to surviving DotE, as rooms need to be lit up before turrets and workstations can be built, and the only way of lighting a room up is with Dust. This all seems complicated, and it is. The game is about trial and error, learning about how to use resources effectively and how to micromanage your heroes and turrets. It’s scary and overwhelming at first, but once in the flow of things, it all just clicks and all the mechanics fall into place to create a very well built experience.


The game starts off hard and continues to get harder. Opening a new door in the dungeon will trigger a wave of increasingly stronger enemies that try to attack the players core, the heroes need to fight these enemies and collect the resources they drop before moving to the next room. With resources the heroes can be leveled up and healed mid battle, but once a hero is dead their gone for good. Boom, Dead. Fortunately there are other heroes scattered throughout the dungeon that can be bought for a certain amount of resources, and they all come with their own unique stats and weapons.


Dungeon of the Endless is only in its Alpha stage, but it’s already such a fantastic experience and a blast to play. If you have a thing for difficult rouge-likes or have a passion for beautiful pixel art, Dungeon of the Endless is certainly for you.


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