Fairy Tail (Part 6) Review

Fair Tail has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, while I normally go for the story driven mature themed anime that leave you questioning life, It’s sometimes nice to be able to turn off my brain and just lose myself in some bombastic over the top fighting. Whenever I feel like doing that, I turn to Fairy Tail.

Part six picks up where part five left off (shocking, I know) where Natsu and the others are mid-battle with the fearsome Oracion Seis on Nirvana. Part five ended just as the coalition began to fight Oracion Seis, meaning most of the set was just building up for the massive battle come. But luckily part six starts strong with a fantastic fight and keeps the action going throughout. The set holds episodes 61 – 72, meaning you get the second half of the Oracion Seis/ Zero arc as well as the induction of Wendy into the Fairy Tail Guild.

The set also comes with a smaller, sadly it’s just a painfully poorly written filler arc about making a robot dragon that will most likely annoy most fans of the show, sure it’s more Fairy Tail and the fighting is cool, but the massive holes and plain disregard for the world’s lore made it aggravating to watch. (See the spoiler filled rant at the bottom of the article)

A real highlight to the DVD set would easily be the return of Jellal. We saw him a little bit before, but now he gets to really show off why he’s one of the best characters in the show. His appearance in the arc first seems a little strange, but as more of the mystery of the Oracion Seis is discovered, you realize that Jellal has a lot more to do with these people than you think. His appearance also helps develop Erza as a characters, she’s someone torn between justice and love, because she knows she can’t forgive him for his actions (I still miss Simon), but she can’t bear to lose him again. Even if some parts of this arc can be slow, whenever Jellal is on screen, you know something awesome is about to happen.

One little thing that I wish we saw more of are the commentaries done by the English voice cast. I love listening to the little jokes they have and how they develop the characters in their own way. I also find it interesting how they get around technical limitations to help make characters sound more robotic or ghost-like. Even if you’ve seen the episodes before, the commentaries are a laugh and you’ll more likely than not learn something new.

Overall, Part six of Fairy Tail is a jolly good time. It’s a simple show where you can turn your brain off and just enjoy. If you’re a fan of the series, the Oracion Seis arc is a fun ride, it’s nowhere near as good as the Tower of Haven arc, but it’s nice to see that the two relate. If you want a good action series with loveable characters and constantly good animation, look no further than Fairy Tail.

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Quick story synopsis: The filler arc has Grey trick Natsu into going to a deserted hotel in the middle of nowhere to find a “dragon” that people have been seeing. What actually happens is that a woman called Daphne wants to impression Natsu to make a robot dragon out of his magic. It turns out that Grey has secretly been working for this woman and has finally had enough of Natsu, so they fight and Grey traps Natsu inside the robot dragon. In the end, Erza and the others team up to defeat it and all is saved.  Yay.

Why you should watch it: Because the arc isn’t tied to any manga chapters, the characters have a lot more freedom to battle; this means that the fight between Natsu and Grey is the best one so far. The two use their entire repertoire of moves against each other and show just why they are such feared wizards.  The animation here really highlights why the fighting in Fairy Tail is such a fun show to watch, no multicolor backgrounds while people yell, just full on action with explosions and destruction everywhere!

Why you shouldn’t watch it: Apart from the cool fights, the rest of the filler is just stupid. Grey’s reasoning for trapping Natsu in the robot dragon is so he can destroy it and stop Daphne’s evil plan. But he failed to even think that just not letting Natsu go near the hotel would also stop the robot dragon and would not put Wendy’s live in danger. This is so unlike Grey’s character, to go out and try to solve a problem without letting other people know about it, even Makarov tells Grey that would have been a better alternative to tell the guild and tell Natsu to avoid this woman!

Another issue are the weird lizard men who copy other peoples magic. These guys copy the magic of the wizard they’re fighting and use it against them. This seems like a cool idea, and the fact lizard men are running around with magical powers opens up a lot of questions. Questions that very poorly answered. It turns out Daphne created the lizard-men to fight Fairy Tail, but how did she manage to put the magical power into them? And how did she harness magic from other people to be able to put them into these lizard-men? The idea of being able to steal or copy magic could be such a great story point, but the show just forgets about it as soon as the arc is over.

To sum it up: its pointless filler that’s only there to serve time between story arcs.

Fairy Tail part six is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Manga UK

Thanks to Manga UK for supplying a review copy.


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