Grid Autosport Preview

After the release of the incredibly average street racer Grid 2 last year, Codemasters have been very hush hush with their projects. Now they emerge a year later with Grid Autosport, a racing game that aims to fix all the issues found in the other Grid games while adding even more things to rev your engines at.


I got to play a preview build of the game with access to a limited amount of events. After an hour and a half I can safely say with absolute certainty that this game does indeed let you drive cars.

There were five modes available, each with their own types of cars and events. There was the bog standard stadium race, with 25 cars all clustered together on the track itching for first place. The endurance night races that involved racing for long periods of time. Buggy races that were the closest thing to being part of the Dirt franchise. Turing races that test drifting abilities, and finally street racing.


The two most interesting were the buggy races and street racing, mainly because they broke from the norm of being on stadium tarmac. The buggies controlled like tanks, and learning the drastically different mechanics was key to success in the races. The small patches of dirt and long stretches also kept the tracks interesting. Not interesting enough to have you go around them 8 times, but interesting.


The street races were, surprisingly enough, races that took place on streets. This is where the real meat and potatoes of the Grid series can be seen, and where most of the preview builds polish went into. The courses I got to drive through were just so interesting and alive, far more entertaining than the bland stadium tracks that the game tries to advertise. Looking into the distance and seeing construction workers just made me feel like I was actually somewhere, and not just in a world built to house the track.


From what I played of Grid Autosport it seems like a competent racing game that focuses greatly on its lovely graphics and refined gameplay. The preview build didn’t knock my socks off with anything fantastical, but it left me thinking that fans of the series will have a good time whizzing around their favorite racetracks.

I’ve yet to play the full review build of the game, but once I do a full review will be posted to the site. So expect that some time in the future!


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