Hyrule Warriors Hands On Impressions

Looking at Hyrule Warriors from a distance makes it appear to be another typical Dynasty Warriors clone, even brandishing “Warriors” in its name to emphasis that it’s a shameless skin. But looking a little closer reveals that Hyrule Warriors is a little different. It takes the fundamental ideas from the DW series (I.E killing hoards of mindless enemies to build up special moves that clear the screen) and builds upon them by adding elements from the Zelda franchise.

During the demo I wasn’t able to advance through an area due to rocks blocking my path, and so I continued until I went into a dungeon and found a chest with bombs inside. After putting two and two together, I threw the bombs at the rocks and the path was magically cleared. The bombs also came into effect when the giant Dodongo appeared and I had to throw the bombs in its mouth to defeat it.


Combining aspects from the Zelda franchise made the game feel less like a skinned clone of the DW series and more like an actual Zelda game. Granted it’s not a Zelda game, but at least it’s something.


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