Just Cause 3 review

You can have it all, my empire of dirt

Rico is back to wreak more havoc and overthrow another dastardly dictator. This time in his homeland of Medici, known for its sweeping vistas and scenic beaches, and its large amount of industrial buildings that need to go boom. Luckily, Rico is just the man for the job.

The whole draw to Just Cause 3 is its open nature to destruction, the massive 400 square mile sandbox welcomes all approaches to mayhem. Want to blow up a truck with C4 while riding a bull strapped to a plane? You’re more than welcome to. The game allows you to live out your wildest Hollywood fantasies with magnificent results.

With destruction being the name of the game, it’s no surprise to hear that making things explode is more satisfying than ever before. Objects now fall about before exploding, allow more domino effects to take place and have more things topple with a sense of “I totally meant to do that”.

The games’ new tether mechanic is a fantastic addition, allowing you to fling objects into each other with a large amount of force, making huge explosions look breath taking as your carnage reigns over the evil dictator’s faction, the DRM.

When not making things topple and kill thousands of enemies, there’s a huge and beautiful map to explore. JC3 introduces the wing suit, by far one of the best features to be included in an open world game. The suit allows Rico to take off from any ledge or switch straight from his parachute to quickly zip across the Italian themed countryside with ease.

At first it’s a little tricky to get the hang of, and you’ll be smacking Rico’s head into the ground more times than should be possible, but once it clicks it becomes an amazingly enjoyable and relaxing pass time. In a game all about high octane action, it’s nice to be able to take a break from all the carnage to enjoy the breath taking views.

But hopefully you don’t get bored of the violence and destruction, because apart from that there is nearly nothing else to do.

The game offers story missions for a shallow an uninspired narrative that only serves as to a reason you need to blow more things up. Most of them involve going to a location, destroying something, then leaving while the DRM chase you before they get tired and go away. They do little to change up gameplay and often seem as if they were thrown in just so the game could say it has a story.

Apart from missions, there are challenges to undertake. They can range from driving through rings, to flying through rings, and even shooting things so they explode. They’re incredibly limited, being fun for the first or second time, but quickly become a boring bit on the side that, again, doesn’t change up the formula.

What’s annoying is that these missions are the only way to unlock upgrades for Rico and his gear. While you can complete the game without having to use any of these upgrades, making them only accessible through repetitive missions makes you have to slog through tedium just to get to have fun.

If you’re only in it for wanting to watch the world burn, then prepare to wait a lot for that world to load. On the Xbox One, Just Cause 3 takes roughly 3 minutes to load into the main game, and entering missions can take an extra 1 to 2 minutes each time there’s a cutscene. The main reason you won’t want to do any missions is because you don’t want to spend most of your time playing looking at a bland loading screen.

This, along with a shoddy frame rate, is meant to be addressed in an upcoming patch, but as of now its disappointing how much time you spend watching and not playing the game.

But alas, there is no denying that Just Cause 3 is a hilariously addictive game. There’s no other occasion I’ve been able to turn a goat into a rocket and send it flying into a building, making it explode. If you want to turn your brain off and laugh at the stupidity of what’s going on in front of you, Just Cause 3 is a great time to kick back and relax.


+ Blowing things up is great

+ Many creative ways to get the job done

+ Jaw dropping vistas…

…That have horrible pop in

Way too much loading

Nothing to do outside making things implode

Should you play Just Cause 3?


Thanks to Square Enix for supplying a review copy


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