Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter review

Elementary my dear Watson.

After the surprise smash hit of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment, many were expecting big things from the next installment in the Sherlock Holmes video game franchise. Thankfully, The Devil’s Daughter surprises and delights in every way possible.

Taking place after the events of the last game (you don’t need of played it to get an idea of what’s going on, don’t worry), The Devil’s Daughter follows Sherlock, Watson, and their crime fighting dog Toby as they dive into more cases that bring London’s dark and murky secrets to light.


The Devil’s Daughter doesn’t mess about when it comes to being a great detective. As soon as you start the game, you’ll be expected to be able to think and act just like Sherlock Holmes. You’ll have to profile people from their looks alone, piece together seemingly impossible puzzles, and make leaps of logic to unravel the mysteries that haunt the victorian streets of London.

While the game does an excellent job of making you feel like Sherlock, it could of done with a bit more of an explanation. The developers are clearly banking on players experiencing the last game and being fully on board with the mechanics. After a while, it all suddenly clicks and you begin to think like some of the best detectives out there. But for a good few hours, you’re going to be doing a lot of standing around saying “what?” at your TV screen.


What really takes centre stage is the game’s beautiful recreation of London. While the game isn’t the prettiest around, it’s sheer scope and eye for detail make it a thing of beauty. If you so choose, you can explore the streets of london, reading newspapers and getting into boxing matches. There’s no indication you can do this, but the fact it’s even included is greatly appreciated, and shows just much love and care went into making the game.

The game’s beautiful in it’s own kooky way.


If you’re up for some good old fashioned detective work, and love a bit of Sherlock in your life, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter will keep you satisfied for hours on end.


Thanks to Lick PR for supplying a review code


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