Grand Kingdom Review

Pave your way to victory

By combining the best elements of the RPG genre with new and innovative ideas, Grand Kingdom stands out as one of the PS4s finest Role Playing Games.

Taking place in a fantasy world where 4 nations are at war,Grand Kingdom has you take command as a leader of a mercenary group that has vowed to stay unbiased in the war. You and your squad decide which side to help, depending of course, on how much gold they’re willing to offer.

Things are going well for you and your troupe, but it’s not long before you get caught up in a story that will change the entire land, and those who inhabit it.

While the story in Grand Kingdom seems to take forever to really get going, once it does, it becomes an entertaining and addictive romp through a gorgeous and richly detailed world.

The game has two distinctive play styles. The field mode, and battle mode.

Field mode is played like a board game, you move your piece around a map, with enemies moving at the same time you do. Moving takes up turns, and sometimes events will take place that also take up multiple turns. The goal is always to finish a mission before you run out of turns, and so playing strategically and using all the options given to you is key to success.

The battle mode, while similar to other RPGs, is something entirely unique. When you enter battle, you control your squad of 5 mercenaries from a plethora of classes. You move them on a 2D three lane plain and attack within a certain radius using real time inputs.

It sounds confusing, and at first there’s a lot to take in, but after 2 or 3 battles it’ll start to make sense, and that’s when the real fun starts.

Thinking ahead of opponents and setting up devastating attacks is a beautiful thing to behold. Moments such as throwing a poison bomb onto an enemy who lands on an explosive barrel that then kills his teammate is a feeling I’ve only had the joy of experiencing with Grand Kingdom.  What makes it more rewarding is that it’s also massive challenge.

The enemies in Grand Kingdom are ruthless. Sometimes, too ruthless.

The game hands out levels slowly, and expects a good bit of grinding from you. Enemies will challenge and push you to your limit, and you always feel like you made it out of a conflict by the skin of your teeth.

However it’s aggravating when enemies sometimes suddenly become incredibly powerful. Even when they’re only one level above you, they will wipe the floor with you. What’s more annoying, if you have a second squad or hire a new member to the group, you’re going to have to level them up again.

The game asks a lot of time from you, so be prepared to sink dozens, if not hundreds of hours into this.

If you’re looking for an intelligent and challenging RPG to lose yourself in, Grand Kingdom is by far one of the most enjoyable and entertaining RPGs on the Playstation 4 & Vita. It’s smart, funny, beautiful and an overall joy to play. Just don’t go in expecting a cakewalk, this game will test you to your limits.

Should you play Grand Kingdom?



Thanks to NIS America for supplying a review code


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