Score system explained

I don’t like to do numbers here. I think that numbers are just confusing and cause way to much argument, largely due to unfair comparison or the fact “your number for X isn’t the number I want it to be”.

So I use my own scoring system, which is explained below:

(Note: This is subject to change whenever I think of something more creative)



The best of the best. This award goes to things I think are truly worth your time


Very good. Highly enjoyable and will be very unlikely to disappoint you


Is good but only with conditions. Many will find enjoyment but I keeping in mind that it’s not great


It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. There’s nothing wrong with it but it does nothing of any note


It’s let down. I failed to find a reason for why many people would enjoy it, sure a small amount will, but overall it was a disappointment


The worst. I highly doubt many people will find a reason to care about this, only an incredibly tiny amount


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